The second prize in GAFFA Awards 2014 and I’ve won two Instagram competitions

The last two weeks have been absolutely incredible, thank you so much.
Im so honored.

The second prize in GAFFA Awards 2014
in the category “Best audience shoot”
GAFFA Magazine – Oktober 4 issue

HelenaLundquist_gaffa_2014-09-26-56.mindre HelenaLundquist_gaffa_2014-09-26-63.mindre

The Copenhagen Metro (#tilbyen) competition

Tilbyen_BrøndbyMarch_sep2014_HelenaLundquist_kvadratisk Tilbyen_måndensbillede_HelenaLundquist_Metro
#2150 Nodhavn competition 
My photo will hang in the silo in a few weeks
Helsinkigade 29, 2150 Nordhavn

HelenaLundquist_2150Nordhavn_72dpikvadratisk HelenaLundquist_2150Nordhavn_Vinder HelenaLundquist_kulturnat006_mindre

(Photo by Peter Sørensen)